Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Recipe -- Powdered Olive Oil Watermelon Salad

Olive Oil Powder
80 grams good quality olive oil
25 grams tapioca maltodextrin
1 gram sea salt
Watermelon Salad
4 large cubes of watermelon
mint leaves, finely chiffanaded 
salt and pepper, to taster

Olive Oil Powder
1- Whisk together the salt, olive oil, and tapioca maltodextrin until it becomes a powder, adding a bit more maltodextrin if necessary.
2- Pass the mixture through a tamis to make it fluffier, if necessary.

1- Place one large watermelon cube on each plate.  Blot the top of the watermelon with paper towel to remove as much extraneous moisture as possible.
2- Top each watermelon cube with a spoonful of the olive oil powder.
3- Top a bit of salt, pepper, and mint leaf, to taste.

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